Postponement of NYSPEC Annual Legislative Breakfast

January 14, 2022

Dear Members:

After much discussion and deliberation, we have decided to postpone NYSPEC’s Annual legislative Breakfast scheduled for Tuesday, February 1.  While this is an unfortunate development, as the breakfast is NYSPEC’s premier annual event, our first concern is always for the safety and welfare of our members and their families.

We have all heard about too many cases of people contacting COVID, and while the Omicron variant seems to be spreading so rapidly, it just is not the right time for a large event such as our breakfast.  Furthermore, I have been hearing that some of our key speakers may have had concerns regarding attendance.

Please note that this postponement in no way precludes us from pursuing NYSPEC’s agenda in Albany, and continuing the monitoring of all that pertains to public employees.

We are considering having the breakfast event at a later date in the legislative session; however we will be guided by future conditions and the science, and, as always, first base our decision on the safety and welfare of the membership.

Notwithstanding the above, the Legislative Agenda that was approved at our convention in November, (which is usually distributed at our breakfast) is being finalized for printing, and upon completion a hard copy of the booklet will be distributed to all the government officials who would normally be invited to our breakfast.  It will also be available for viewing on the public section of the NYSPEC website.

I hope you understand why this decision is being made at this time.  We do look forward to having the event at a later date.  You will be kept informed, and we will continue to ensure that we are represented and our voice is heard.

In Unity

Peter D. Meringolo



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