Become A Member

Any union or organization consisting of public employees in the state of
New York is eligible for membership in the conference.

Benefits of Membership

• Become part of the largest public employee umbrella organization comprising a wide spectrum of more than one million active and retired members

• Have a voice in the formulation of policies and objectives that benefit public employees and their families. NYSPEC’s Board of Directors is comprised of the leaders of all member units, so each member unit’s leader has an equal voice
• Each member unit shares the same authority regardless of size. i.e., one vote per member unit. Annual dues (currently $2,000 per member unit) are the same for all, and there is no weighted voting

• NYSPEC’s Legislative Agenda is updated annually, formulated and agreed to at the annual meeting / convention before the next state
legislative session.The Legislative Agenda is posted on NYSPEC’s website, and printed in a booklet which is distributed to key government officials and all legislators prior to and at NYSPEC’s Annual Legislative Breakfast in Albany

• Support or opposition on issues or specific legislative proposals that are not covered in the annual Legislative Agenda must be agreed to by all member units before a formal position is taken by NYSPEC

• NYSPEC does not endorse for political office or maintain a PAC

Application Instructions for Prospective Member Units

A prospective member unit must complete and submit two documents for membership consideration:
 • NYSPEC Application Form
NYSPEC Application Letter

The NYSPEC Application Form. The form [ CLICK HERE ] may be completed online and submitted electronically with the Application Letter via email to , or printed and submitted via “snail” mail with the Application Letter.

The NYSPEC Application Letter. The letter (a text version [ CLICK HERE ] to “cut-and-paste”) must be printed on the prospective member unit’s letterhead, and may be submitted electronically with the Application Form via email to , or printed and submitted via "snail" mail with the Application Form.

Upon membership approval by NYSPEC, the prospective member unit will be notified and directed to submit the required dues payment. Upon completion of the payment, the prospective member unit will be notified and added to the rolls of membership. Pursuant to the NYSPEC Bylaws, attendance at the annual convention is limited to members in good standing, and new members whose dues are current as of the 31st day of the month of August preceding the annual convention.

Pursuant to the NYSPEC bylaws, the leader of a member unit automatically becomes a Director of NYSPEC, and will be listed on NYSPEC’s
website (and appropriate printed material) as such. Each Director may name a Legislative Director for their member unit, whose name will also be listed on NYSPEC's website (and appropriate printed material) as such.