The following Message to Our Government Officials was to have been delivered on February 2, 2021, at NYSPEC’s 44th Annual Legislative Breakfast in Albany.  Unfortunately, the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has forced cancellation of that event.

The following paragraph is what you would be reading here were it not for the extraordinary circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic:

... "On behalf of the Co-Chairs, Trustees, Directors and, most importantly, the members, of the New York State Public Employee Conference, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to our 44th annual Legislative Breakfast. We host this event each year to give you, our government officials, an opportunity to see, firsthand, the broad spectrum of our membership, and to provide the opportunity for you to become familiar with our legislative agenda” ...

For the past 43 years, NYSPEC has hosted an annual Legislative Breakfast in Albany early in each year’s legislative session to bring together our elected officials and the leadership and key individuals from our public employee member unions and groups.  This event has always been the highlight of NYSPEC’s annual event calendar, and its chief purpose has been to familiarize our electeds with our exceedingly diverse membership and the legislative goals of our organization. 

Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, there will be no NYSPEC 44th Annual Legislative Breakfast this year.  Nonetheless, we have formulated our legislative agenda and encapsulated our goals in this booklet as a guide to all who are interested in ensuring that public sector employees are recognized, appreciated, and appropriately protected, compensated and rewarded for the extraordinary work they perform – on a daily basis – for the people of the great State of New York.  Our membership has decided to make the COVID-19 Coronavirus-related issues our number one legislative priority this year.

Our Conference was formed in 1977 with just 13 member unions, and because of the tenacious representation of our members we have grown significantly, and can now boast more than 80 member unions and groups representing public employees!

We, as an umbrella organization, have been and are fighting the erosion of public employee benefits on many fronts. We commit to redoubling our endeavors to ensure that positive legislation beneficial to all public employees is enacted.  We appeal to our legislators to carefully consider the impact of all legislative proposals on our members, who continue to show their commitment to the people of this state. The issues delineated in this booklet were developed and unanimously approved by all the unions and groups comprising our conference.

Generally speaking, the New York State legislature has been supportive of our legislative agenda, chiefly because it is essentially an agenda of fairness for the people who come to work every day for the improvement of the public good. The New York State Public Employee Conference commits to continue working in harmony with you, our elected officials – yourselves dedicated public employees – to obtain positive results for our membership.

Thank you!