9/11 Message from NYSPEC Chairman Meringolo

September 11, 2021

To All:

Today, as we all awakened, no doubt our thoughts reflected on that fateful day 20 years ago.  Each of us has our own memories and visions of what took place right before our eyes, and on this anniversary, we must take some time to reflect on that horrific day and its aftermath.

First and foremost, we must remember and pray for all those who lost their lives then, and for those who continue to succumb to the ravages of illness and disease resulting from their valiant sacrifice during the rescue and recovery.  We must also be grateful for all the lives that were saved by the men and women of all different titles who selflessly responded to the attack without any thought of their own safety.

Many of the professions represented in NYSPEC perform, on a daily basis, the sacrifice of public service which was so demonstrably exhibited on 9/11, and it is an honor to work with and for the hundreds of thousands of our members who continue to exemplify that commitment.

9/11: We will NEVER forget!

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo,


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