Convention Agenda

Dear NYSPEC Directors and Legislative Directors:

Attached is the tentative agenda for our 42nd Annual Convention, which will, after a one year hiatus, once again be at the beautiful Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Note the three time periods during which registration will be available, depending on the time and date of your arrival.  Please make it a point to register at your earliest opportunity!  An updated agenda will be available at registration; I encourage everyone to attend all the sponsored events to show support for all our service providers.

Although this will be our 42nd Annual Convention, it also marks the occasion of NYSPEC’s 43rd Annual Meeting, which annual meeting was conducted virtually in 2020 for obvious reasons.  One of the most important agenda items at the annual meeting is the adoption of the legislative agenda for the following year.  The complete 2021 NYSPEC Legislative Agenda is posted on the public portion of our website.  In preparation for discussion at convention of our 2022 legislative agenda, please review this now, or as soon as practicable, to determine whether you wish to propose any additions, deletions, modifications, etc.; if you do want to propose changes, please prepare same in written form and submit to me in advance, if possible.  This will minimize the discussion and time it takes to finalize our 2022 legislative agenda.  Please keep in mind that from the completion of our convention, we have just a short period of time within which to get our 2022 Annual Legislative Breakfast booklet printed by February 1.  As you know, changes not agreed to at the convention necessitate time consuming back-and-forth communication to facilitate final language acceptable to all.

Additionally, this would also be the time for you to advise us of any name changes you wish to make in the booklet with respect to your organization’s name, or that of your Director (leader) and Legislative Director.  Inevitably, after our booklet is printed each year, we receive notice of incorrect information included.  We must know the correct name and spelling of your member unit and its Director (and Legislative Director if one is to be listed for your unit) in order to have it printed correctly.  If you are unsure of the information we have, visit the public portion of the NYSPEC website to view it.  You will see that the information we have for the name of the Director and member unit are listed both alphabetically and by unit, along with that of the Legislative Director (if you choose to list yours).  Do this today!

Please make note of the new schedule, because we are back in Puerto Rico. The attendance of all Directors (or their designees) as well as the Legislative Directors at all the meetings is important.  Your input is what continues to make our organization strong.  Our convention is an excellent opportunity for all of our member units to gather together to exchange valuable ideas and set our agenda for the coming year.

Once again, I have tried to make the convention as structured as possible in order to accomplish our objectives and leave time for you and your spouse/family members/guests to relax and enjoy Puerto Rico.  Your attendance as well as adherence to our schedules is important if we are to accomplish our goals in the time allotted.  I look forward to seeing you in San Juan, and to another very successful annual convention!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me – cell:  917.418.7981, or email:

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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