Important Information - Annual Conference Update

May 25, 2021

Board Of Directors/Legislative Directors,

I understand there have been some issues with registering.  I have been on the phone for hours with reservations and we are working through the problems.  They are having technical difficulties with the 800 number I gave you.  In the interim I suggest you use the link, or you can call 888-224-8087 or the Hotel direct 787 721-0303 and press 1 for reservations.

Our Block Code is NYSA 21

I see that some of you have registered for the Annual Conference and that is a good thing.

However I also see that some of you have registered for more than one room under the same reservation number.  I have no way of knowing what room/person is to receive credit for the 4 days.  So again I am asking you to send me an email with the name of the person you want to receive the four days.  Only 3 presidents have done so thus far.

There is much work that has to be done once the conference starts in order to make things run smoothly.  I prefer to not spend hours trying to reconcile the final bill.   I should not have to drive the reservation people crazy with last minute adjustments.  If you want to receive the 4 Days credit send me the name as soon as you register. Organizing this conference is a huge undertaking that requires many hours and days of work on mine and the treasurers part.

I have stressed over and over the importance of every union in NYSPEC sending me a Memo in Opposition to the Single Payer Legislation  I have  committed to theLegislative Leaders verbally and in writing  that every union in NYSPEC is opposed to  the Rivera/Gottfried legislation as it is written.  To date I have received 40 out of 80 Memos in Opposition. Currently there is a majority of support in the Senate and the Assembly.  If this legislation should pass we will have ourselves to blame.  I just last week mailed out 215 letters to all the Assembly and Senate members stating our opposition.  I also emailed all of them the letter and MIO from NYSPEC. I realize all of you have unions to run so I try to make life as easy as possible for all of you when I have to request something  from you.  

I was happy to see the initial response of registrations.  I urge all of you to register as soon as possible.  I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference.  We have much to discuss in planning our 2022 legislative agenda.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo

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