October 6, 2021

The NYSPEC Annual Meeting & Convention is little more than a month away, and some members have inquired as to the travel requirements and the Caribe Hilton protocols.

Attached are the Travel Guidelines as reported in Discover Puerto Rico Newsletter.

Everything you need to know is explained; I urge you to read it!

I have been working with the Caribe Hilton to establish the locations of all our events.

The majority of the events are scheduled to be outdoors, but our meetings will be indoors, and it is anticipated that those will take place in the large ballroom.

It has been reported to me that the number of persons who are contracting COVID in Puerto Rico is falling.  I am also told that Puerto Rico ranks second or third in the country regarding ‘having the most people vaccinated.

Obviously, the way we operate will be somewhat different than past conventions; however, it will be similar to the events that some of you have attended here in New York.  Puerto Rico is no different than other states in the US; there are protocols that must be adhered to.  We simply must adapt to whatever changes are necessary.

While getting vaccinated is a personal choice, travel is also a personal choice for each and every person to make before they travel.

NYSPEC will be doing everything possible to adapt to the guidelines that have been outlined.

In a separate email to our many service providers who will be attending, I am advising them to check with the restaurants they frequent, and are considering booking, as to what protocols are in place.  This way they will know in advance and can advise their invited guests accordingly.

To date we have had an overwhelming response to attend.  Believe it or not, I am still receiving calls for rooms.

I am working on the tentative agenda (the agenda typically is not finalized until the first day of registration) and hope to have it out to you within two weeks.  I have been inundated with room requests, which has occupied much of my time and is the reason I have not been able to complete the agenda.  I have also been waiting on some of our providers to commit to attending so they may be included in the agenda.

I believe the attendance at this convention is going to be one of the largest in number.  I look forward to a very successful annual meeting/convention and to seeing all of you!

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo


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