Important Update

July 2, 2021

Greetings Members,

First and foremost I hope you, your families and your members are all healthy and safe.It is good to see that we are starting to return to normal.  I wish all of you a happy and safe 4th of July.

I write to update you, once again, on the status of our upcoming Conference in Puerto Rico. As you have already been advised, a third extension to the room block has been undertaken and the room reservations continue to fill up at a frenetic pace.  Our agenda is almost complete in an effort to provide all our members, their families and vendors an enjoyable experience.  I want to remind all union Presidents that any vendor wishing to come to the Conference must be approved by PEC prior to them making reservations on our room block since the scarcity of rooms available to our members continues to dwindle. On a side note, we have carefully balanced the type of vendors/providers who will be at this year's Conference based on the history of being a part of our affair, the type of service(s) they provide as well as the scope or bandwidth that the total group of vendors provide to our members. Simply put, we are careful this year not to outweigh one sector of providers over others since we believe that the widest cross section of  services is the best way to make our members' experience at the Conference the best we can provide.

Therefore any vendor or provider who is found to be at the Conference or our events, without PEC approval, will be removed.    

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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