NY Post: NYS Chief Judge Facing Ethics Probe

July 12, 2022

Board of Directors,

There have been many situations where management has attempted to use the power of their position to stifle the voices of Union Leadership.  They have also tried to stir up union members against their leaders.  President Quirk is just one example of this.  Well the below article is not just a big win for President Quirk but for all Union Leaders who have faced a similar situation or may in the future.

Apparently management is not above the law and they should not attempt to silence our voices while we are defending our membership.

The Chief Judge could not handle a Union President calling her out so she attempted to get involved in the disciplinary process and as the article points out she was not allowed to do so.

Well I am sure no one who came under her leadership is sad to see her go but more importantly it sends a clear message to management.  Whether they like it or not Union Leaders have the right to speak out on behalf of their members.


In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo

NYSPEC Chairman

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