9/11 Extender Bill Signed Into Law

September 10, 2018

To All Members:

As you probably are aware, Governor Cuomo signed into law the 9/11 extender bill, which moves the deadline for registering to September 11, 2022.

This, along with all 9/11-related legislation that affects our members, has been a priority for NYSPEC since we commenced our efforts on passage of the original 9/11 Presumptive Disability bill.  Having lobbied the passage of that bill for more than 4 years along with Lou Matarazzo, Floyd Holloway, Bing Markee and other leaders of NYSPEC, I consider that bill to be one of the greatest accomplishments of NYSPEC.

I take this opportunity to thank the governor, the sponsors, and especially ourLegislative Director, Lou Matarazzo, who, since day one, has spearheaded our efforts in this regard, along with all those who worked so hard over the years to facilitate passage of 9/11-related legislation.

In unity,

Peter D. Meringolo


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