Puerto Rico Update

September 19, 2022

Legislative Directors,

I have been receiving calls pertaining to the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico. I am well aware of what happened in Puerto Rico and was in touch with them immediately.   First and foremost I wanted to ascertain if the staff and their families were safe.

I also wanted to get as accurate a report as I could from the Caribe Hilton Staff before I put anything out.  I will report what I know thus far.

This was a category 1 hurricane it was not Hurricane Maria which was a 5, that caused major devastation to all of Puerto Rico.

Much of the flooding was in the Ponce area down South.  The Caribe Hilton and Old San Juan is in the North.  The power was shut down by the power company to avoid further damage.  The Caribe Hilton is currently operating under its own power generators.  The Hotel as I know it has not been shut down and I have not been told of any damage.

I am told that power should be restored in a week or so.  Let's keep in mind this is September.  We are still a little over 2 months away from our convention.

Right now some of the workers at the Caribe are involved with taking care of their families and their homes if they lived down South.  

I will remain in contact with them and I have no doubt that everything will be back to normal well before our convention  begins.

If I receive any additional information from the Caribe Hilton staff I will of course pass it on to all of you.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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