Reminder -- Individual Member Unit Support Memos Needed

March 1, 2021

To All Members:

First and foremost, I hope this email finds you, your family, and your members in good health, and that all are staying safe.

I sent an email on February 10th requesting that you prepare a Memo in Support on your unit’s letterhead for the extender of the COVID-19 Death Benefit Law, S4681 (Gounardes) / A3988 (Abbate).  This is an extremely important issue for our membership, and, I remind you, NYSPEC’s number one legislative priority for 2021.  The legislation has already passed the assembly, and is currently on the senate calendar.

I also requested that you send me a copy of your memo for NYSPEC's records.  Since PEC has lobbied very hard to get this bill passed, I would like to have memos of support from all of our member units to show its importance to public employees.

We currently have 79 member units, but we have only received 12 support memos.  If you have not already done so, please prepare a memo as soon as practicable and forward a copy to me.  I would not be requesting a Support Memo be sent if it were not important to all of us when conducting business with Albany. Attached is a copy of NYSPEC’s support memo.

Many of you had requested I post the minutes of the conference call with Comptroller DiNapoli on February 9, 2021.

Please note that those minutes have been posted to our Website in the member portal under Updates: Messages/Notices of Note

Stay safe!
In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo


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