Room Cancellations

November 26, 2022

Legislative Directors,

Please note I have been receiving  emails of rooms being cancelled.

As I had stated in my email once you are under 30 days till the convention the Hotel will charge you a one night cancellation fee.

Those of you who cancelled prior to 30 days did receive a refund and if you cancelled thru me I was able to assign that room to someone who was waiting for a room or had paid a much higher rate.

We are well under 30 days before the conference begins.  If you decide to cancel now you are going to be charged a one night cancellation fee.

I have been able to help many of you, if not all get a room when you could not.

I also was able to lower rates in many cases when you had been charged a higher rate.  And for those that cancelled under 30 days in some cases I was able to move someone in to save you the fee.

At this point I am unable to assist anymore.  It is crunch time for me and I am currently involved in organizing the Agenda and planning the sponsored events.

And for those that have questioned why I do not just add more rooms,  this is why I should not because if cancellations keep coming in the organization will have to pay for not filling the room block.  I have been doing this a long time and I know how it works.  There will be a discussion on how we will be moving forward when it comes to room reservations for future conventions.  

I do look forward to seeing everyone and to once again giving you a meaningful successful convention.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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