Single Payer

May 16, 2022

Directors/Legislative Directors

I hope that you have sent out a Memo in Opposition for the Single Payer legislation and if you have not already done so kindly send me a copy of your MIO.

I am in Albany and continue to receive vibes that not only does the legislation have a real good chance of passing in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, I am hearing that the Senate is thinking about passing it as well.

While I know there is a  mindset out there  that it has no chance of passing but those of us here in Albany are hearing it much differently.

I do not think it is wise for any of us to take the approach that it will not pass which, is why we must do everything we can to voice our opposition.  I cannot stress enough that the legislators need to hear from you and your members.

I have attached a form that can be put on your letterhead, fill in your Union's name where indicated and send it to your members.  At the bottom of the form are the members of the Ways and Means Committee with their Albany office phone  number.  Members can call as many legislators on the committee to urge them against passing this ill advised legislation.  The legislator does not only have to be in your member's district in order to receive a call.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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