Statement by Coalition of Court Unions

January 13, 2023

All Member Unit Leaders:

I have been asked to forward this letter to all NYSPEC members, simply as an informational piece for you to see the position of certain members on this issue, which appears to be an ongoing disagreement between certain Senators and the Governor.

I must inform you that the NYSPEC cannot take a position on this, as I am already aware that all members are not in agreement.  And as with legislative support or opposition memos, or positions on other controversial issues,  NYSPEC  could not do so without unanimous approval by the membership.

It is your choice, and yours alone, if you wish to either join with the members that have signed this letter, or remain neutral .

Please note that as Chairman of NYSPEC I cannot and have not taken a position on the subject.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo


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