Support Memo Requested

June 10, 2021

Board Of Directors,

Dan Levler, President of Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees has requested that NYSPEC issue a Memorandum of Support for his legislative bill that has passed both houses of the legislature.  It is important to note, while this legislation was a Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees  initiative, it will cover all individuals in these titles Statewide.

A7366 MOA- Peter Abbate, JoeDeStefano

S7121    Senator  John Brooks

This legislation acknowledges the heroic work done everyday by public safety dispatchers, emergency responders, emergency operators, emergency complaint operators and emergency services dispatchers by legally designating these individuals as "First Responders in communications"  Moreover the bill encourages employers to provide training to maintain and enhance the knowledge, skills and proficiency of these dedicated public servants.

In accordance with NYSPEC's policy with respect to issuance of legislative support or opposition memoranda, if I do not receive any response opposing  the issuance of a support memo by close of business June 17, 2021,  I will direct that the memo be issued.

You are not required to respond to this notice unless you oppose the issuance of the memo.

You can also send memos of support for this bill on your own letterhead.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo



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