The New York State Senate Civil Service and Pensions Committee Public Hearing

October 11, 2023

Tier Equity Committee Chair Pete Paterson and I testified at the Public Hearing that the New York State Senate Civil Service and Pensions Committee conducted under the leadership of Senator Robert Jackson.  The purpose was to discuss retention and recruitment for civil service jobs in New York State and the New York State Pension Fund.

As Pete Paterson has pointed out to the Tier Equity committee members in an email, this was going to be a good chance for us to put on record all the issues we have been discussing with many legislators, which are directly related to our Tier Equity issue.

We were on a panel with Mike O'Meara, PCNY; Sam Fresina, NYS Professional Fire Fighters Association; Mike Powers, NYSCOPBA and Kurt Nolan, PBA of NYS.

We are extremely thankful to Senator Jackson, Chair of Civil Service and Pensions, Senator Alexis Weik and Senator Iwen Chu for taking the time to be on this important committee to listen to our concerns.

I believe everyone on the panel did an excellent job highlighting the many issues Public Employees are facing that stress the need for long overdue Tier Equity improvements.

We have to continue to take every opportunity to present our issues to the legislators and the governor in hopes that they will make some meaningful changes.

Our Public Employees work tirelessly to make NY State a better place to live.  

To watch and listen to our testimony at the hearing please follow this link:

The Senate Civil Service & Pensions Committee required written testimony to be submitted in conjunction with the oral testimony.  Attached is a copy of NYSPEC’s submission.

In Unity,

Peter D. Meringolo

Chairman NYSPEC

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